Viraha :: A No Man’s Sky Story

Isaiah searches for his lost love among the stars and galaxies while vlogging his experiences along the way.


After being separated from his love Riley during the chaos of space flight, former Earth resident Isaiah sets out on an expedition to track down the person he’s been missing for so long. Having been searching for awhile, Isaiah starts documenting his experiences not just as a diary for the future, but as a record in time. Beginning a new record of human civilization and the emotion we refer to as “love”.

Viraha is a 7-episode series presented in a movie cinematic, machinima fashion written by Riddikore.

Viraha features gameplay footage from the 2016 sci-fi space survival game No Man’s Sky, developed and published by Hello Games. Hello Games is in no way associated with the making of Viraha.

Soundtrack composed by Johannes Bornlöf.