The Solus Project - The Tall Tower

The cable leads to the centerpiece of this island: a tall, ominous tower that stretches high into the sky.


Continuing the Moment of Life chapter, I spot another tower part on the coast of a nearby island. The temperature outside is just right for a swim before nightfall hits.

Speaking of nightfall, I make sure to reach the next campsite so that I can restock on food, water, and health. The campsite sits just outside of The Moment of Light II. A long passageway leads a tall tower inside of which the cable has arisen from below in The Artery of Heat. The final stop of the cable appears to be at the very top of the tower.

Before I climb up, I explore the surrounding area in search of another tower part. Then, using a sword I collected earlier, I activate a bridge section that rolls horizontally across the water. Unfortunately for me, a meteor shower strikes when I’m most exposed with no where to run, no where to hide.

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The Tall Tower

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