The Solus Project - The Return

Act 7: The Return begins with the Sky One’s ultimate plan seemingly coming together. With the energy source in hand, I must return to complete the communication tower.


If I do what the Sky Ones tell me, I could risk sending the rest of my colony to their doom. “Now Go Back” is breaks through the static of my Wilson device. I was planning on it, but were the Sky Ones planning on it as well?

The Tracking of Time tablets conclude with the discovery of a new genetic pool discovered in Galaxy Quadrant C. Perhaps the star map would come in handy right about now. Perhaps the Ancients stashed away part of their genetic code in the event of their capture? This missing link has been dubbed Race C7. The home planet of this race is on the verge of being destroyed. Perhaps it will be safer at another location? When the stories make note of how members of race C7 attempted to steal the Ball, does this confirm the humanoids here were of race C7?

Further, the Tracking of Time references the arrival of a member from race D9. This member is apparently completing tests as set forth and presented to them. Calls to eradicate this member are on hold. Perhaps race C7 can be reconsidered? Does this imply that the member of race D9 is none other than me???

A hallway full of Balls proves that there was never just one. Octavious Sken records his findings, happy to have collected the energy source. Is his explanation of the same conclusion you reached?

The new forward vector has me return to the Path of Ice. After exploring the frigid ice in hopes of finding secrets like the artifact Introversion of Obeisance, I find myself in familiar territory at the Come sign from the “Come To Us” phrase. From there, I make my out of the ice caves to prepare for my return to the surface.

The Solus Project was fully released on June 7, 2016 for PC. Late June 2016 for Xbox One. VR Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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The Return

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