The Park :: Haunted Rides Come Alive

The Park game turns scary when a mother’s son runs off into an abandoned theme park at night. Experience the many horrors and attractions that await within.


The Park game begins with a mother (Lorraine) and her child (Callum), ending their day at the Atlantic Island Park, a theme park closing down for the evening. When Callum complains about his missing teddy bear, Lorraine doesn’t the motherly thing to ask the ticket attendant if it’s been turned in to the lost and found. But Lorraine appears to be suffering from some type of medical episode. Headaches? Or something more?

While Lorraine’s back is turned, Callum runs into the park, obviously full of excitement and not ready to leave yet. Lorraine chases after Callum into the park, but doesn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry. There’s plenty of time to explore the grounds. As day quickly turns to night, fear sets in. Callum doesn’t seem to mind, running through the various rides and attractions. But do these rides hold a special place in Lorraine’s past as well? This certainly makes for an interesting story.

The Park’s mascot, Chad the Chipmunk, appears to be on the receiving end of some mindless teenage vandalism. But otherwise, Chad proves to be a most helpful guide in signage throughout the park.

The plot thickens when Lorraine suspects Callum hopped onto the swan ride. The swan rides gently floats her through a dark tunnel where an automated story of Hansel and Gretel projects on the walls. A cute but haunting story that ends with Lorraine perhaps having visions of the impossible. An animatronic Chad the Chipmunk hidden in the darkness during the ride unlocks the achievement for ‘Chad’.

With Callum no where in sight, Lorraine tries her hand on an octopus-like ride already in motion. By entering the technician’s station, Lorraine brings the ride to a stop before hopping on and taking a spin for herself. Alone. In the dark of night. It’s not surprising when she envisions a boogeyman monster hovering over the ride. Was it all in her head?

The Park has it’s share of jumpscares, one such belonging to a flickering room that appears to have someone inside. Lorraine probably shouldn’t have taken the note that was taped to the window.

At the bumper cars, Lorraine examines a device that triggers intense flashbacks of her strapped to a gurney being electrocuted! Fitting that it would occur in an arena of bumper cars powered by an electric track. One of the bumper cars still has power…

The ferris wheel ride has seen better days. The rusted attraction could use a bit of maintenance. Nevertheless, Lorraine hops on for a spin around, getting herself a birds-eye view of the park. Though scary, it’s also peaceful, giving Lorraine plenty of alone time to reminisce about the past. Will the boogeyman make another appearance?

Lorraine can’t resist trying out the rollercoaster. But she quickly realizes she’s not alone on this ride as her inner demons come out to play. Does she really want to find her son? Why is she having flashbacks to a hospital while on the ride? The gameplay no doubt intensifies as the Lorraine ventures deeper into The Park.

The Park (2015) developed and published by Funcom. Many thanks to Funcom for the free copy of the game.

The game is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Download The Park from the retailer of your choice!


About the Game & Story:

A day at the park… a lost teddy bear… a missing child. As the sun sets over Atlantic Island Park, you must explore its dilapidated rides in search of your son, Callum. As darkness falls, you will experience panic and paranoia through a narrative written by a team of award winning storytellers.

Unfortunately, the park’s history turned out to be one plagued by tragedy and drama. Its freak accidents, grotesque killings and ghostly hauntings have inspired many a sensational headline, and locals worry the park is far from done claiming innocent lives.

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Riddikore Notes:
– The storytelling is really good, however reading many of the notes proves to be a hassle with the very fine print. Luckily the voice acting is top notch. The Park game’s voice of Lorraine provides an emotional rollercoaster ride (pun intended) through the mental state of the lead character. The character of Lorraine essentially moves the story and plot forward with each new attraction she visits. But of course, some of the game’s undertones can be left to the player’s interpretation. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some nice easter eggs hidden throughout the game, as any good exploration game would do.

My gameplay of The Park was recorded on PC using Xbox gamepad controls.


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