The Solus Project - The Energy Source

I finally locate the energy source needed to power the communication tower. Will the Sky Ones simply let me take it, no questions asked?


Activating the star map seems to have unlocked to doors near the campsite. Each room emits an eerie green glow and contain a ladder which leads further up the structure. At the top, the Turning Point of the Deep four houses the energy source I’ve been looking for.

The Sky Ones were obviously protective of this source as the floors are lined with traps. It pays to scope your surroundings as I find a secret mechansim hidden under the stairs. It leads to a room where I find the other Relic of Day. I also liken it to a pinball machine after seeing large balls in a holding contraption hanging from the ceiling.

At last, the forward vector leads me to the energy source. The Ball! The alien spaceship escapes, but no before telling me to take the Ball. Have they given up will just let me waltz out of there? Of course not! After taking the energy source, the Ball explodes and a green smoke monster emerges from its core! In a panic, I may have made some wrong moves.

The Solus Project was fully released on June 7, 2016 for PC. Late June 2016 for Xbox One. VR Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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The Energy Source

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