The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The game takes place on an elaborate movie set full of various special effects and B-movie monsters.


Narrated by Dan Smith, director of this “film” of the same title, we are treated to the behind the scenes commentary as we play through each scene. The story follows Dick Starspeed after he crash lands on an alien planet. He fights his way through hoards of stop-motion dinosaurs, white apes, flying brains, and more.

But when the Great Mega Gorilla snatches Starspeed, Scarlet Nova, the Emperor’s daughter, swoops in for the rescue. The poking stick and energy barrier weapons are unlocked. But perhaps as punishment for disobedience, Scarlet get trapped in the Tower of Eternal Solitude. The only escape, is down. With a vertical ray gun, we learn the game mechanic of shooting downwards over the edge of the tower it destroy enemies.

Upset with her father’s actions, Scarlet Nova seeks the help of Dick Starspeed in attempts to overthrow the emperor. Together, they’ll fight their way up the Deadly Tower of Monsters!

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