The Solus Project - The Comm Tower

Construction of the transmitter comm tower begins and a giant cable leads to a locked building.


Sound the alarms! I awaken to a beautiful sunset as a tornado brewing over the ocean. Luckily I’m at a campsite that makes for suitable shelter. But why did the a giant ball connected to a cable start pulsating when the tornado was nearby?

The new forward vector instructs me to find the transmitter comms tower and install the circuit board I collected from Yuri’s cave. While there, I’m also able to install the debris tower parts of collected along the island. However, the tower will still need an energy source that I must locate.

The large cable running along the ground leads to a locked building for which I must find a key. But even the journey of finding the key can prove deadly once hypothermia sets in. Can I count of the sun’s warmth to save my life before it’s too late?

Underground, I come across a painting of three figures with elongated skulls. A simple caption reads: The Enlightened. To continue, I must find a way to break through the stone wall.

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The Comm Tower

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