The Solus Project - The Artery of Heat

The cable leads to The Artery of Heat, an enormous cave area that splits in four different directions.


After collecting the key from the Halls of Oppression, I’m now able to proceed to the next forward vector through The Damp Passages. The caves are dark and the area is patrolled by what appears to be some sort of security bot which scans the area in a limited radius.

Past the bot, a new area appears known as the Artery of Heat. Following the cable to this location ends with the cable leading high up above. The new forward vector is to find a way up. But with so much area to explore down below, I take my chances by branching off into different directions. Each direction requires a key in order to get through the door. The key to one door may be locked behind another door.

At a campsite, I find a meteor buff which gives me resistance to starvation and hypothermia. But then I find something chilling: a small skeleton sitting in a bowl inflamed with green fire. Was someone was sacrificed?

On the pedestal of the new forward vector, I find a device. The device requires a crystal to function. Therefore, I seek out a crystal to place in the contraption. It seems that I crafted a cool device. What will I be able to use this for?

Finally, what lies beyond a secret brick wall? Portraits seem to depict the death of a fellow Sky One. Perhaps that’s what is inside all of the urn like objects stowed away back here?

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The Artery of Heat

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