The Solus Project - Secret Cave of Perished Court

I risk my life inside an immense cave near the Perished Court with lost artifacts hidden somewhere within.


Behind the Perished Court is the hidden entrance to another large structure that requires a sword to unlock the mystery. This is clearly cave-ception and it turns out to be a new cave system. This is messing with my mind! A cave within a cave within a cave??? Nevertheless, I won’t turn back. But I’m quickly forced to make a decision as to the best way to attack the exploration.

There are so many ways to go, I want to go to them all! But can I remember where I’ve gone and where I need to go? In addition to the threat of biohazard material hanging from above, I must also keep an eye on my vitals. I have a handful of supplies on me. But will I be smart and make the right decision to leave when I must? Or will I risk certain death and press forward? And even if I wanted to leave, finding the exit isn’t as simple as it may seem. And to think it’s all edited down into a nice video for you of less than 10 minutes :)

I can say I’m able to locate the artifacts of Zimudar’s Rule as well as Massacred Worship. But is there more to be discovered?

This gameplay features footage from the Early Access edition of The Solus Project which had a public release date of February 18, 2016.

The Solus Project was developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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Secret Cave of Perished Court

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