The Solus Project (Ending) - Phone Home

The final part of The Solus Project is upon us and it’s so bittersweet. The only thing left to do is radio back to Prolus command to invite them down to Gliese.


With the energy source from the Ball now in my possession, I can take it back to the communication tower to use as a source of power. I’ve collected all the tower parts required to complete the build. Let’s do this. For Yuri! And the rest of the Solus command ships that were tragically lost.

With the tower part complete, Octavious Sken transmits his findings back to Prolus command with little time to spare. Will they consider Gliese 6143-C a suitable location to prolong humanity? Or will it be too late for any action to be taken?

After the Sky Ones left us with the Ball while in their palace, does this mean I’ve passed the test and they will allow our civilization to continue? Can aliens and humans actually coexist on this planet?

On a personal note, thank YOU to every viewer and subscriber who’s enjoyed my playthrough of The Solus Project. I can’t wait to see the next project from the talented individuals at Hourences and Teotl, whether it’s another addition to this story or something completely different. You’ve seen the game, now try it for yourself to explore and discovery mysteries and secrets that I missed! And I did miss a bit, I’m sure.

The Solus Project was fully released on June 7, 2016 for PC. Late June 2016 for Xbox One. VR Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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Phone Home (Ending)

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