The Solus Project - Finding Tower Parts

I stumble upon an abandoned campsite which may have been used by the Sky Ones.


Exploring the beach in the swelter heat of the day is not the best of ideas. I need to locate a new source of water before I use up all my water bottles and become dehydrated. In passing, I come across what appears to be a ritualistic site where stones are stacked in formation much like the Stonehenge we know today.

Finding new wreckage also leads to finding a trail where survivors may have traveled. But the trail ends at the entrance of a large structure guarded by two statues. Night falls upon the planet as I venture into this area to look around. Another meteor shower hits soon after and I must quickly find a way to survive the event.

Luckily the facility doubles as a campsite with a nice view of the beach and ocean below. With that, I’m able to see the homing trackers of tower parts scattered about. I’m finally able to collect them, but will I be able to use them?

This gameplay features footage from the Early Access edition of The Solus Project which had a public release date of February 18, 2016.

The Solus Project was developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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Finding Tower Parts

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