The Solus Project - Down to the Ice Path

A not so subtle message awaits me as I return to the Passage of Travelers and head DOWN.


Fresh out of exploring the secret cave behind the Perished Court, a stone stab instructs me that I can climb up a ladder now that the acid has been drained from the building. But skeletons hanging from above might be some indication that maybe I shouldn’t proceed. When has that ever stopped me before?

Maybe this time I should’ve heeded the warning. Returning to the Passage of Travelers, paranormal activity is picked up on the Wilson device as I walk through the hallways. Televisions stacked upon one another appear to show Yuri flickering in an out between him and A’Daar Suum’s symbol. There are quite a bit of TVs along the path I’m being guided through. The footprints on the floor aren’t reassuring.

Then, I’m presented with a collection of ship parts that have been pieced together to form the word “DOWN”. Knowing they want me to go down the ladder at the center of the room, I admittedly change my mind and find it best to not go any further. I’m not crazy.

But I do want to know what the hell is going on! And so, I climb down into the dark pit where I read the tales of The Ice Path and the Hollow Land.

This gameplay features footage from the Early Access edition of The Solus Project which had a public release date of February 18, 2016.

The Solus Project was developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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Down to the Ice Path

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