Distance :: Multiplayer Online #11

Orange you glad you don’t have a deadly Pathogen for these Distance multiplayer races!


Pathogen combines the eye candy and ear candy off high speed racing mixed with deadly obstructions for those who aren’t quick enough to think with the pedal to the metal! Perhaps traveling down the spine of the system, the race contains massive saw blades, laser grids, and death from above. Can you take the heat?

Don’t mind if I peel out for Orange? The track, as you may have guessed, is predominantly orange in color. It’s not long before the obstacles succeed at inducing rage and causing heart attacks. The track bend and curve high into the sky. Will I be able to keep my cool, keep the engine cool, and fly away the win?

Here’s the track list from this video:

1. Pathogen (by Phimeek) – 0:06
2. Orange (by JTrevail) – 3:31

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