The Solus Project - Caves, Creatures & Keys

Collecting more keys in the Artery of Heat, discovering secrets, and climbing up to the next level of the cave.


Picking up where part 17 left off, I venture through the door behind the brick wall. What at first appears to be a room full of lava turns out to be some sort of bio-hazardous material.

Plenty of locked rooms still left to explore in the main hall of the Artery of Heat. But first, I must locate the remaining keys spread about the various rooms. But use caution, for the rooms are booby-trapped, ready to end the life all of who dare enter.

Later, I venture into an area of Secluded Darkness. Our spikey puffy creatures hiss and growl, rolling about trying their best to scare me off. On the contrary, I want to know what they are hiding. What are they so protective of? I do collect the Star Sign buff, a perk that allows me to dry faster.

Whilst exploring further, I stumble upon Melem-Kish’s Cudgel II and the Artery of Heat II. Too many ways to go, I can’t make up my mind! More than just left or right, I can now also go up! A ladder leads two stories above the cave floor. An escape route perhaps? Up there, stone tablets tell the Memories of Kur. How far did the humans go their worship of The Sky Ones?

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Caves, Creatures & Keys

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