Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison channels her inner Duke Nukem to destroy aliens that have abducted the president!


Her companions in the Global Defense Force (GDF) are too busy playing defense, standing guard, sitting back waiting for the aliens to attack. But when they need to push forward, they request help from the best, miss Shelly Harrison.

First objective, get into the White House and rescue the President. The aliens have attacked and have gained control of the inside. Madam President has hold herself up in a secret room and Shelly must find her. Weapons of choice here include the Ion Maiden: a powerful laser gun that recharges, the Bowlingbomb: a bomb that rolls around like a bowling ball, and a Maxigun: a powerful mini gun strapped to her wrist.

The hunt for Madam President takes us to The Underneath known as Kyrron, a fiery underworld with rotating platforms and more deadly alien life, home to the Kyrr. Bombshell tries out her various execution styles on the aliens that dare try to cross her. Unfortunately, their strength and numbers grow as we soon discovery there is a price to paid in order to respawn: 5% of any collect KY currency. Choosing not to respawn sends Bombshell back to the previous checkpoint, bringing previously dead enemies back to life as well.

But aliens aren’t alone in the Underneath. Troops from the GDF have gotten separated and need to be found. As a secondary mission, Bombshell chooses to locate and rescue a lost GDF soldier. Then we need to rendezvous with the GDF commander at the northeast outpost.

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