The Solus Project - Alien Conspiracy

Stories written on the walls give powerful insight into the uprising against The Sky Ones.


The Passageway of the Drowned IV features a temple which contains stone plaques and paintings that reveal a conspiracy between the humanoids and The Sky Ones. A plan was set in motion to steal a giant ball said to be the source of power of The Sky Ones, like their sun. It would appear as their plan worked with some success. The Ball was stolen, but how to use it?

The strange flying orb makes a few appearances, as if guiding me through the pathways to another large area: a platform surrounded by water. It must’ve been a place of punishment. A place where a giant entity of power kept a watchful eye on slaves and prisoners. If I am to continue the journey through the vast caves with my health intact, I must locate another campsite with food, water, and shelter.

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Alien Conspiracy

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