ADR1FT :: Edwards Adrift, Electric Shift

Liam Edwards fights his inner demons while exposed power nodes create deadly electrified obstacles on the trip through to the Solaris wing.


In the Solaris wing of the station, I must locate the energy processing module to release the emergency locks. But getting there proves to be dangerous with live bolts of electricity zapping away. To come within the path of the of bolts means certain death, or at the very least getting the wind knocked out of me causing a loss of oxygen.

Along the way we get a quick listen to a rehab meeting for fellow crew member Liam Edwards. While very full of static, there’s enough audible dialogue to tell that Edwards was dealing with some inner demons and doing his best to overcome them. But on this particular day of this recording, something caused him to slip.

Multiple forks in the “space road” make navigating the compartments difficult. What happens if I take a wrong turn? Will I make it to the Solaris mainframe to collect the next cerebrum core? And will I come across another crew member while adrift in space?

Adr1ft is available to play with or without an Oculus Rift or virtual reality device. Movement is controlled via gamepad, in my case a Xbox 360 controller.

The release date of Adr1ft was March 28, 2016.

Adr1ft was developed by THREE ONE ZERO. Published by 505 Games.

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