The Solus Project - A'Daar Suum's Tomb

While investigating a secret path, I stumble upon what appears to the the tomb of A’Daar Suum.


Before heading down into the tomb, I explore a little more inside the cave and read the painting and etchings of humanoids and their daring escape. They realized the Sky Ones didn’t really care about them or their well-being. A sad visual as I head toward the next campsite where I find the corpses those not so lucky to have escaped.

Down the secret path in the opposite direction, a heavily booby-trapped staircase leads to a massive room of worship. Various coffins have been showered with currency. At the front of it all, a large monument with A’Daar Suum’s symbol appears to mark this location as his final resting place.

The Path of Ice III and IV, simply put, ask me to merely survive the depths. Going deeper underground where it will surely be colder doesn’t make it any less of a beautiful world. Nearly the entire area is covered in ice. Makes quite the ice skating arena, if you will. Luckily there is a campsite where I can stay warm. But surely in such a vast area, there much be something hiding around.

This gameplay features footage from the Early Access edition of The Solus Project which had a public release date of February 18, 2016.

The Solus Project was developed by Hourences and Grip Games. Published by Teotl Studios.

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A’Daar Suum’s Tomb

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