The Solus Project - A Tomb and Betrayal

Uncover the mystery of Melem-Kish’s Cudgel and the birth of a rebellion against The Enlightened.


Not ready to head top side, I descend back down the ladder into the caves in order to continue exploring. First order of business is to return to Melem-Kish’s Cudgel, a temple that was tucked away behind some rock perhaps never to be discovered. The Cudgel appears to be the location where priests slain by Varsa have been laid to rest. Fitting that it shall be called the Tomb of Priests. It appears that betrayal of the Sky Ones has begun. This is also where the lost artifact for Values of Usi Watar is found.

Returning to the Artery of Heat II, plaques lining the walkway tell the story of the Monastery Chronicles. Learn the backstory about the children of this world and the ritual of The Way of the Flameless Rite. It appears that not everyone was on board with the plans from the Enlightened. The Holy Missives sheds light on the fact that some have had a change of heart.

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A Tomb and Betrayal

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