The Solus Project - A Monster of Fire and Smoke

A deadly monster consumed by fire and smoke patrols the Hallway of Darkness on the other side of the temple.


The last 3 minutes of this video are intense! Chills, goosebumps, dread, terror. Immerse yourself in the moment as I did, raw and uncut, unedited. But first…

After resting in a cell in the Hallway of Darkness, I awaken ready to solve a puzzle involving pressure plates. On the hunt for a key that I can use to enter the door at the top of the temple, I must first unlock a secret area of the temple. Stone etchings in Kur’s Chambers make reference to The Sky Ones, praising their ability to bring wisdom to the land. The Relic of Life is found nearby as well.

The new forward vector, Motion Detected, continues along the path of the cable as it leads deeper into this underground world. Kur’s tone quickly changes as he realizes what The Sky Ones have planned. Entering the Hallway of Darkness 3, I once again encounter a figure in the distance whose quick to disappear before I can catch up.

It’s when I finally head in his direction that the music intensifies. The visuals baby skeletons in bowls as if being feasted upon and paintings of a huge creature eating humanoids fill my mind with dread. The suspense is real. At the end of it all, I will come face to face with a monster of fire and smoke.

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A Monster of Fire and Smoke

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